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Most governing bodies for golf in the UK and globally have their own views and statements regarding the Environment and Sustainability of Golf. We intend to follow those that are appropriate to our Club, aiming to be carbon neutral by 2031 (This is also a goal by the R&A). Our policy is intended to cover the topics below, all of which are being considered and investigated by your Directors and Club Secretary.  Leon and his Greens Team are also committed to the ethos. Areas we intend to cover are shown below  Click on the Highlighted Phrase or use the Menu for further information:

Wildlife Project to promote and develop flora and fauna and enhance the course and Clubhouse surrounds.

Wildlife Page

Water Management, usage and conservation

Energy Efficiency

Waste Management – re-cycling 

Monitor Carbon output aiming for Neutral in 10 years 

Investigate and change where possible all Chemical Usage

Green Management of Company Purchasing Policy

Training, education and Employee and Members involvement/ ‘buy-in’

Agree input into Course Policy and into House procedures

The intention is to begin by making changes in working practices where feasible, not to incur cost and to make actual savings wherever possible.

Received from Carl Atkinson,IDFC ltd, Jan 2022 :

A very quick thank you for the help from Leon Dalton and his team for supplying the brash to enable us to build ‘Dead Hedges’ on the border with Oldicote and the 3rd Fairway. This has not only improved the privacy for us, improved the aesthetics of the border but has also enhanced the level of wildlife. The idea came to us following the Wildlife meeting held at the Club last year. Fellow Golf club member Martin Hornblower has been instrumental in this project, he plans to plant various foliage within the hedges to improve the view even more for both sides over the coming months.

It has been a few months of hard work but worth it in the end, Burton Golf Club has not had to pay to chip/dispose of the brash and it ensured we could complete our project.

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