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Good Evening Past Captains, Ladies

Welcome to the AGM of the Ladies Section of 125th Anniversary Year of Burton-on-Trent Golf Club.

I think you all know me by now but may not know that I am  person who believes in VOLuNTEERING. So if I may, I would like to tell you my story as a volunteer. in the past 66 years I have volunteered on 4 occasions - willingly.

The first was as a Pre- nursingStudent in a convalescent home in Woburn Sands, part of the Bedford Hospital Group. I had been there 5 months, watching a trained nurse, Zena Peacock, giving injections and the occasional kaolin poultice, whilst learning how to clean and polish the furniture! The Matron, Barbara Shane, came on her weekly visit and asked if I would be willing to go to Steppingly Hospital, a Female Geriatric Hospital  about 3 miles away. I agreed and it was there that I nursed the cook of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands and realised what real nursing was. Each week on my day off I would cycle back to the nursing home for a helping of the lovely crispy bread and butter pudding to which I had become addicted!!

To continue...Volunteering...

In 1971 I volunteered for the Queen Alexandra Royal Army Nursing Corps Territorial Regiment 257, Southern General Barracks. Hence, Captain Peacock was born!
As I was greatly interested in teaching I took on the role of teaching other ranks, who formerly had only books to learn from. So I arranged for them to spend time on wards at:

The Royal Herbert, Shooters Hill, Woolwich - a military hospital so they could have hands on experience;

The Brook Hospital, Shooters Hill - a civilian hospital for spinal injuries;

Lewisham Hospital where I was based and could supervise them, in pairs, to observe. I taught them how to suture by getting them to practice on an orange and demonstrated applying plaster of Paris on limbs - all of which they were able to do in Cyprus and other areas when deployed by the Ministry of Defence. They also went to Guys to observe and St Thomas’s to watch Post Mortems. But, best of all, the War Office paid for 20 other ranks and me to go to London Zoo, in Regents Park, where the snake expert taught us snake identification and handling. The soldiers loved it!
Whilst in the QAs I went on NATO exercises in Germany and Holland setting up field hospitals and generally soldiering. Exercises on Salisbury Plain were memorable also.

I had the privilege of dining in the presence of HM The Queen Mother and attended a Desert Rats Reunion in the Royal Albert Hall where 6000 men cheered as I walked on stage in Tropical kit to salute the Royal Box. My hearing hasn’t been the same since. We had rehearsed with the lovely Vera Lynn but nothing had prepared me for the noise!!

To continue...Volunteering...

in 2015 I volunteered to help my local MP and did over 700 hours. I also allowed my name to go forward as a PaperCandidate and, to my surprise and consternation, I came within 5 votes of being elected. Following this I was invited to parliament to David Cameron’s Prime MinistersQuestion Time - a great experience. This was followed by dining with my MP in the Member’s Dining Room.

And now..

May I say volunteering for the honour of Lady Captain has given me equally great highlights and friendships. It has been an honour to be your Captain. Your support and patience, plus having a strong committee to work alongside on your behalf, made my role easier.

The Club Captain, Directors, the Secretary’s Office, the Pro Shop, Leon and of course the chefs, bar and kitchen staffs have all been so supportive. At no time did I feel alone, there was always a helping hand.

I would like to pay credit to the fantastic response given to my charity YMCA- the homeless in Burton. It has been magnificent from the entire membership and their families. I thank you all most sincerely, in particular Fran Wright, who has sorted and delivered 15 large bags of clothing and goods plus many other jobs and Anita Chamberlain who has been equally giving and supportive. For both of them I have a small gift from me to show my appreciation which I will give to them at the end of the meeting.
Special thanks to Gill Fairbrother who has completed 17 years on the committee, that must be some sort of record, and is now having a well deserved rest. Also Carol Whittingham who has completed 5 years and now will be concentrating on her golf!

In conclusion, as the Volunteer, I have been the lucky one and reaped the benefits so I thank you all for making this part of my journey happy and worthwhile. Please don’t be reticent about volunteering you will gain more than you know at the time. And the Ladies’section is in need!

Bless you all and your golf.

YMCA Collection:  The Lady Captain, Kim Peacock, is asking for your support in collecting warm clothing for the homeless.  Last year BoT GC was magnificent in their support.  If you have any old sweater, socks, jackets or even an old sleeping bag that is gathering dust please consider donating to the YMCA in Burton On Trent.  Thank you

2019 Captain (125 Anniversary)

Ian Glover

It is a great honour to be selected as your Captain for 2019, a special year as it is our 125 anniversary year. I am looking forward to playing with as many of you as possible and I especially look forward to working along side Kim Peacock, Ladies Captain and new President Malcolm Howells.Good luck to Dennis O'Neill Seniors Captain and Georgia Croft, Junior Captain.

My chosen Charity is Alzheimer's Society and Kim's is to support the YMCA in Burton on Trent.

2019 Ladies Captain Kim Peacock


I am delighted to have been selected as Ladies Captain for 2019. I will do my best to tee off with as many of you as possible during my year. My chosen charity is YMCA in Burton, any old clothing you do not want any more would be well received by the charity, bins have been provided in the club locker rooms for you to place your unwanted garments in. I am looking forward to ther year ahead.

2019  President Malcolm Howells

Fellow Members, it's a great honour and privilege to become President of this great Club and I look forward to taking on the role, especially in this 125th Anniversary year. address to members

1894 was an interesting year :

  1. Queen Victoria was still on the throne and would be for another 7 years before her death in 1901
  2. Coca cola was sold in bottles for the first time
  3. Tower Bridge was built
  4. Blackpool Tower opened as a visitor attraction
  5. Manchester Ship Canal Opened
  6. Burton Town Hall was built
  7. JH Taylor won the 34th Open at Royal St. Georges – 1st open held outside Scotland would go on to win it another 4 times
  8. Both my grandfathers were born in 1894 (not me as some of my (ex)friends suggested)
  9. On Boxing Day 1894 Burton Wanderers Beat Manchester City 8-1

2019 Seniors and Junior Captains

Dennis O'Neill and  Georgia Croft



Many thanks to all those who attended the Captain's Farewell Dinner last night. Your support has been much appreciated throughout the year. Lady Captain Kim presented a cheque to the value of £2167.56 to her chosen charity Burton YMCA and I presnted a cheque of £3184.06 to my charity Alzheimers Society. My charity raffle will run until the AGM on 12th February so there is more to come. Good luck to next year's Captain Ian Philliskirk.

Lastly, many, many thanks to my wife Deborah for supporting me throughout the year


Friends and family of Ivan Blood gather to toast him and unveil the plaque next to the Scots Pine planted in his memory. A loyal servant to the club, sadly gone but not forgotten.


Many thanks to all who helped out with the Men's Presentation Evening, it was a great success. a special thank you to Alan Kennedy our guest speaker who entertained us with stories of his former playing days. Thanks also to the staff for making the evening so special. Here are a few of the photos taken on the night.


                           Rainfall on the Course since Dec 2015 to Nov 3rd 2019

25-10-19 Riley Cup Presentation

The Riley Cup presented to the Club by Past Captain, Phil Riley will be presented to the Gents Handicap Singles Winner from now on, replacing the previous Trophy, which was the Brown Cup which will be given as the Trophy for the Medal Winners Medal Competition.

28-09-19 Anniversary Ball

An Excellent evening was enjoyed by all - food was excellent - Kitchen and Bar staff received a standing ovation from Members and Guests. Vocalist Mitch Corner was also brilliant!


It is the end of the KS Wright season, many thanks to all who supported Dave Salter, his team and the Club through the summer, helping to fill the clubhouse on a Thursday evening.

Winner of the Men's competition was Kian Moran and the Ladies winner was Summer Smith, both junior members which is great news for our future, well done.

Thanks especially go to Past Captain Dave Salter who organised the competition over 18 weeks.


Presentation of New Founder's Day Trophy to the Club

Bob Anderson and David Platt from the Institute of Brewing Golf Society presenting the Founders Trophy to our Captain, Ian Glover. The Society has played their golf here at Burton since 1921.The Rose Bowl will be played for and presented to the winner for the first time on Wednesday the 18th September.

18-08-19 to 25-08-19 - Anniversary Week Winners


Monday 26th August
Anniversary Greensome               (Pairs Strokeplay)
Benjamin Wells & Matthew Wells
Sunday 25th August
Anniversary Texas Scramble          (Any Combination)
Wayne Partridge, Michael Thomson, Rebecca Wood, Ricky Wood
Saturday 24th August
Anniversary Medal                 (A.L.Stern Medal #10)
D1 : David Low;   D2 : Stephen Gower
D3 : Mark Fearn; D4 : George Gould
Saturday 24th August
Ladies Anniversary Medal
Claire Boyce
Friday 23rd August

Anniversary Steeplechase

Liam West, Ian West, Daniel Kinson, Neil Hoogendyk

Friday 23rd August
Junior Anniversary Open
Kian Moran
Thursday 22nd August
Bandits Cup
Philip Riley
Wednesday 21st August

Anniversary Stableford (Waltz)

Steve Bagworth, David Heede,     Colin Wiltshire

Tuesday 20th August

Ladies Anniversary Week Competition

Summer Smith

Tuesday 20th August

Ladies 9 hole Stableford Anniversary Competition

Janet Toombs

Monday 19th August

Tom Richards 13 Hole Over 60’s

Paul Fox
Sunday 18th August

Presidents Putter

Adam Barclay

Sunday 18th August

Presidents Putter Ladies

Rebecca Wood

18-08-19 Presidents Day

A proud Adam Barclay receiving the President's Putter and Prize

27-7-19 Club Championship

On one of the most challenging days weatherwise for a Club Championship we have had in living memory, James Weeks became our newest Club Champion, edging out our 'usual' winner Mark Parker by 2 shots with a tremendous 143 over the 2 rounds. There was a doubt after the first round and the continuous downpours, that the Championship may be abandoned, but thanks to the continuing work on course drainage and greens improvements, plus our squeegy stalwarts, Gary and DKD the course held up and the competion was completed. Many thanks to Leon and the Greens Team and also the Clubhouse Staff for their excellent contributions to the day.

                Club Champion, James Weeks with Previous Club Champions present on the night.


A great day at Coventry Hearsall Golf Club for my away day. The course, company and food were excellent. Many thanks to the 39 players who supported the even. I chose an unusual am/am format with the first 6 holes being one player to score, holes 7 to 16 two players to score and the last 2 hole all three to score, I think everyone enjoyed this and it kept all players in the game. Par was 64 and several teams played under par. The winners, Gary Marler, Roger Lloyd and Andy Horan, were 13 under with 77 points!!!

Can I also add my thanks to our bar staff who kept the bar open for us from early til late.


A great turnout for the Burton Barrel, 172 players took part with the winners being Phil Gill and his partner Mohammed Akram. A great day, thanks to all those who made the event a success.


Lady Captain's Exchange Day at Lingdale Golf Club.

21 of the ladies played a Texas Scramble in three balls. The weather was great! It turned out to be a very happy, fun day. The course is lovely and the food excellent. The results were as follows

1st- Gail Coltman, Clare Boyce, Susie Hamilton with gross 81 less 7.5 = 73.5

2nd - Margaret Tipper, Carol Whittingham, Mar Dawkins-Smith gross 83 less 8.7 = 74.3

3rd - Tracey Kirkham, Iris Brown, Jan McKinnon 83 less 8.3 = 74.7.


Can I thank all the members who helped or played in my Captain's Day, it was one of the best turnouts ever with almost 200 player taking part. The weather unfortunately meant that some players got extremely wet and some had to come off the course due to lightening, well done to those who persevered especially Mark Parker who shot a gross 70 after the weather interuption.

You managed to raise £1400 toward the captain's charity, fantastic support.

Winner with 39 points - Tony Toon

Scratch Winner - Mark Parker                       Ladies 18 hole Winner Steph Jeffery

Ladies 9 hole Winner Claire Boyce         Past Captains Winner David Ker-Delworth

Also presented on the night was the Centenary Salver, the winner  with scores of net 67 and net 69

Simon Woolley


Looking forward to meeting the 200 plus players in my Captains Day competition . Drinks, alcoholic and soft plus food available at the Halfway House. A carvery will commence at 6.00 and musical entertainment at 6.30. The presentation of the Captain's Trophy and the Centenary Salver will take place between 8.30 and 9.00


Many thanks to all the players who represented the club in the Four Counties Seniors competition, it was a great success. Detail to follow.


Congratulations to Winners of the Rose and Thorns competitions, Janice Phillips, Dave Benbow and Nick Asker. Many thanks to all those who took part and to Gerrie Ellam for making the event possible. Well supported event that can only grow from here.


Many thanks to all those who took part in the Hickery Club Challenge. It was a great event, well organised by our President, Malcolm. This was an unforgettable experience, using genuine 100 year old clubs - if you missed it then keep an eye out for future events.

Here are the winners, David Low's team, congratulations!!


Captain's Charity Single Putt - Gavin Bottrell of Timewarp Golf, Gary, Malcolm & our Captain, Ian

Single Putt Winner Using 100 year old Gutta-Percha Ball - Gary Marler


             2nd                                     3rd                              Best Endeavour


Many thanks to all those who supported my Drive-in. Could not wish fpr a better start to the season. I hope you all enjoy what we have done to the second, it will become a signature hole.


The second hole is now open, many thanks for your patience and thanks to the ground staff for the effort they have put in - enjoy!!!


President Mr Malcolm Howells commisioned an artist (Ms Burns) to creat an oil painting of Lord Carnarvon our very first President. He has presented this to the Club and it will be placed in the foyer for all to see. Many thanks from myself and all the members for this generous gift.


Many thanks to members and staff for supporting the Annual Ball which was held at the Club for the first time in many years. Much effort was made in preparing the room and food, it all looked amazing, a great start to the year.


Ladies Pre-Season Dinner

A very happy evening was spent by 20 of the ladies. Among the diners were Georgia Croft, 2019 Junior captain and Summer Smith, junior member who both enjoyed the evening.The was excellent, especially the “Duck A La Orange”!

The lady captains, Kim, regaled a small golfing scenario using the phrases: “Frog Hair”, “Foozle”, “Jigger”, “Kitty Litter”, “Yips” and “Sclaff”, as a Test! One or two were known.

We missed the 8 ladies holidaying abroad, they had the sun but we had the fun!A rousing chorus was sung to Jan McKinnon who recently celebrated a birthday.

A lovely beginning to the new season.

Kim Peacock


Many thanks to those members who are turning out to pick up the debris between fairways, the course is looking really tidy.

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